What is Spitfire

Spitfire is everything you need to run your business online.

Harness the power of 6 software suites in one interface.

Spitfire runs your website, performs email marketing, collects leads, automatically grows your customer database, sells your products and services, manages your inventory and lets you automate business tasks while providing better customer service and outsmarting your competition!

Website Management

Spitfire will host your website and let you update it yourself.

Point. Click. Update!

If you can use a word processor, you can update your site.
Spitfire makes it easy to create an unlimited number of pages, blogs, forums, products and secure areas using nothing more than our simple web based interface. No programming skills required!

Capture Leads

Get instant notification when a prospect wants to do business.

Quickly turn leads into sales.

Collect leads across multiple websites and receive instant notification when you get a new prospect. Then track that lead until it turns into a sale with the integrated Customer Database (CRM) system. Leads are delivered in real time to your email inbox or cell phone via text message.

Customer Database

Track behavior to target marketing efforts with precision.

Understanding customer behavior is the key to increased profits.

Spitfire gives you a central view of your customers' activities. From product and service orders to blog comments, leads and inquiries to email marketing, it's all tracked to give you a complete view of customer behavior.

Online Sales

Sell more by doing less. Spitfire E-Commerce makes it possible.

Sell products, automatically manage inventory and collect payments.

You can sell any number of products, complete with automatic inventory management, payment collection and deposit. You can also upload eProducts and charge for downloads, limit download locations and more. There is no limit to how much you can sell, and we never take a cut of your sales!

Email Marketing

An email marketing system that shows you how to make money.

Drive repeat sales with intelligent Email Marketing.

Let Spitfire automatically build multiple, targeted email lists. After sending those lists, you'll get highly detailed reports of the actions your recipients took. Spitfire will even tell you how much money you made as a result of each campaign! Much better than standard 'click-thru' reports!

Business Intelligence

Knowledge is power. Rule your market. Crush your competition.

Get real-time insight on where your business is headed.

Business decisions should never be made blindly. Spitfire gives you powerful reporting functions for every aspect of your business - from your website to your online store, your email marketing to your lead management, it's all monitored and reported in real-time without having to install 3rd party analytics software.

Get Started

No contracts. No hardware to maintain. No software to install.

Turn your website into a valuable business asset.

Forget the headaches of using 6 different systems to run your business. Spitfire provides everything you need to run a competitive, high performance business online. You can even use your existing website! We've taken care of the technology so you can take care of business!

Everything is managed from a single website and works together seamlessly. We provide the computing power, the disk space, the programming and the back-end databases so you don't need to worry about anything.

The benefits of using Spitfire

  • Save Time!
    With Spitfire's all-in-one approach, you'll get more done in less time because you won't need to keep using multiple tools to run your business.
  • Save Money!
    You will save money on software bills by using our all-in-one solution.
  • Automate Tasks!
    Automate costly tasks and focus on making money.
  • Focus on Growing Your Business, Not Managing Technology!
    We provide the computing power, the disk space, hardware, software and programming so that you don't need to worry about anything. We take care of the technology so you can take care of your business!
  • Tech Support Through 5 Different Channels!
    Support is given online, via email, chat, telephone and even in video. Our tech support team is located in the United States and provides tech support in English.
  • Completely Expandable and Integrates With 3rd Party Software!
    Need to integrate Spitfire into a third party application? (ex: salesforce.com, etc) No Problem! Just let us know your requirements and we'll handle the rest.
  • Safe, Secure and Constantly Monitored!
    You can sleep sound knowing that your business will be hosted in our high tech data centers, outfitted with the latest enterprise grade hardware security systems, monitored and redundantly backed up 24/7/365.
  • Future Proof Your Business Website!
    The Internet is constantly evolving. Is your website ready to evolve with it? Spitfire helps you increase your business potential and focus on long-term growth, empowering your website to achieve better business results.
  • Constant Updates and Improvements!
    We're constantly updating and adding new features to help you run your businesses. When you use Spitfire, you'll always be running the latest version of the software and will immediately have access to all the new tools as they become available.
  • Training and Advice!
    We give you access to the knowledge you need to run a successful online enterprise. Videos and training modules are available for private use, while web based question and answer seminars are offered on a regular schedule.

Why your business needs spitfire

Because your business needs more than what a typical website can deliver. Spitfire was designed from the ground up to be the perfect all-in-one system for running your business on the Internet. Spitfire reinvents the way you do business online by providing the tools to give your business an "unfair" advantage over your competition.

We provide additional services to help you succeed

Looking for someone to design your website? Want your site to appear at the top of Google and Yahoo searches? We offer many web related services to help your business succeed in today's highly competitive online environment.

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